Easy on the Salt

One of the simplest modifications we can (try to) make when dining out, in order to keep on track with our Paleo regime is to ask for no salt during the cooking process.

It’s no surprise to anyone who has been Paleo for a while that once our taste buds have a chance to come back to life after years of being inundated with salt as the sole ‘seasoning’, we have a significantly heightened awareness to just how salty things really are.

The other night, I had what would have otherwise been an absolutely lovely meal… grass fed steak, sauteed broccoli and onions, except that the chef was so heavy handed on the prep, it was hard to eat it!

I’d been so caught up in conversation that I failed to add that one simple request, along with my usual ‘please make sure there is no gluten or soy in my steak’, and it cost me my meal!

Aside from that, I found it alarming to think about how more people than not are so accustomed to so much salt, they can’t even taste it anymore and have to keep adding it on as their palates lose the ability more and more to detect any other flavor.


Even if we ask for no salt, chances are it’s still going to get a little bit of a dousing, so we may as well be on the safe side and make this one additional request when we place our order.

Easier to add a pinch after the fact, if need be, versus trying to undo it.  (If you’re on your way to Paleo and still using a little salt here and there, that is…) Not really possible, is it?!