Fatty Meats? Lean Meats? What’s the Real (Paleo) Deal?

Yesterday, there was a little bit of a twitter feud going on.  

Well, maybe not an actual feud, but some talk about whether or not lean meats are Paleo, or fatty meats are Paleo and which is healthier.



By no means is is the idea to eschew a lovely piece of grass fed rib eye or a pastured pork  butt, while at the same time there’s absolutely nothing not Paleo about a grass fed flank or a pastured chicken breast.

It’s all about the balance.

Some fatty cuts are a good idea sometimes, and guess what?  Some lean cuts are great, too.

Just make sure your macros are in balance and you needn’t think any further than that.

Having the rib eye?  Sear it in a skillet to your preferred temperature (I’m a fan of rawther bloody and rare, personally), remove to let rest under foil for a few minutes and then throw some baby kale or spinach into the same skillet for a quick saute.

Alternatively, if you opt for the chicken breast (I love the skin, but for those of you who prefer to do boneless-skinless), make sure you add some fresh, raw avocado and olive oil after it’s cooked and plated atop a  bed of wild greens.

Some natural fat + some wild protein + some unrefined carbohydrate (veggies!) = perfectly Paleo.

Not too tricky!

By the way-the idea that poor quality, generic bacon is a good thing to eat regularly is nonsense.  Sure, have a slice of pastured, uncured bacon once in a while but please don’t down the Oscar Meyer and pretend it’s Paleo.  It’s not.