Champagne & Candies for Valentine’s? Think Red Wine & Raw Cacao!

I'm often asked about whether I crave foods that are not Paleo (so then, by default, as far as I'm concerned, they're not food!) and the honest answer is no.

A) I know how awful I'll feel if I ingest them and…

B) Knowing how devastating they are to the body is all the more reason not to consume them!

This is how I feel year round, whether we're talking about after a huge training effort that lasted eight hours, or a holiday when clients tell me they're most tempted to deviate.

Put the question of whether or not Valentine's Day is a holiday on the back burner of the Viking Range for a sec, and let's talk 'treats'.

To me, a glass of a nice, red wine and a small piece of unsweetened (yes, I'm talking 100% dark) unrefined, fair trade cacao is all I need as a special occasion treat.

Dr. Cordain lists an occasional glass of red wine as being paleo so I know I'm not straying from my nutritional belief system of modern day paleo living.  

A glass of wine is 125 calories and one ounce of dark chocolate is 70 – 90 calories, so for a combined total of 215 calories at the most, e even for those of you who've gone paleo to get lean, you'll still be fine enjoying this little treat with your Valentine.

Bring on the Screaming Eagle Cab!