Tuesday the 27th

Prework breakfast at 5:30- today I felt more in a berry mood than pumpkin. At this time of year, when it’s harder to find fresh, I don’t mind using organic frozen berries; they actually give a nice texture to the smoothie!
flax/lecithin/green powder/berries/protein/raw almond butter

9am: brussels sprouts (steamed- left from last night), 3 oz chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, nice big apple

noon: steamed kale (again- leftover!), sliced turkey breast, orange, 2 hard boiled egg whites

pre-swim- handful of dried fruits and 1/2 oz raw walnuts
EZ recovery swim- only 2000yd- flushing out legs from Sunday! : )
post: small banana (only a short workout, so no recovery really needed)

3pm-ish: tuna sashimi, seaweed salad, persimmon, green kombucha

dinner out with a good friend: (the restaurant offered black kale, sauteed in garlic & olive oil- heaven!) I had that with lamb- perfect- and we finished dinner with a small (1 square inch) piece of in-house made dark chocolate.