From the Inside Out

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had the same conversation.    Someone will approach me and ask a Paleo related question.  They understand the connection between their gut and what they’re eating, but often it stops there.

When the conversation continues and I explain that how one’s skin looks, how one’s sleep is, migraine  headaches, joint pain and so on, and so on, all tie back to what one eats, the response is all too often one of an incredulous nature.

On the topic of skin condition in particular, it’s one of the health concerns that is most quickly addressed through diet, far much more so that an auto immune condition.

In other words, it’s completely reasonable to see positive changes in a very short period of time in the complexion after eliminating sugar, gluten, dairy amongst the other non Paleo bad guys.

Dr. Cordain’s Acne protocol is an absolute must read for anyone with any concerns about treating acne which, by the way, is actually not a normal part of being a teen, nor an expected, must-suffer-through part of a woman’s monthly cycle.

Part of this week’s Primal Kit Sale, this and the two other papers that Dr. Cordain contributed are, in my opinion, the most valuable of the whole lot.

Check it out!