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“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” 

And while we may mimic the food groups our ancestors ate by following a True Paleo regime, one thing that is vastly different now compared to back then is the environment we live in.  

While we may think we’re being green by recycling this, or not purchasing that, chances are we can each do much, much more. 

When we read stories of children developing asthma as a result of living in urban areas permeated by exhaust, or high rates of breast cancer of otherwise healthy women who just happen to be exposed to estrogen-like compounds in plastic, it should be pause for thought for all of us in terms of what we are doing to destroy our surroundings, little by little, each day.  

Eating a True Paleo diet is a great start, but we can all do more.

The time to act is now. We can’t wait for someone else to take action, and big business simply doesn’t care about our planet like you and I do. 

I want to tell you about an event that is going on right now called The Green Living Bundle.

A handful of very passionate authors have come together to do something extraordinary. We’ve combined their life-changing books and are offering them for one incredibly low price. In fact, you can get them right now, along with several other bonuses, for 94% off their value. 


Because our mission is to help as many people as possible. Together, we can effect some very measurable and positive changes in our environment. 

You will learn to…. 

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– Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint 
– Easily grow your own food 
– Make eco-friendly skincare 
– Forage for food 
– Be more self-sustainable 
– Much more! 

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You’ll also get lifetime access to all of the Green Living Sessions: 4 video interviews with environmental experts and people who are walking the walk, and living sustainably. 

We have several other bonuses too including a video on how to grow spouts, my ebook on how to maintain a healthy, sustainable Paleo diet even in tricky situations, an interview about how to make healthy and safe skincare, and more. 

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