Gingerbread Men? Sorta…

Google 'gingerbread men' recipes and you're bound to come up with recipes including flour, butter and sugar, three things we definitely need to avoid at all costs on The Paleo Diet!

However, there's certainly no problem with eating ginger, and the spices that you'd commonly see in any traditional recipe, like cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves.   Add some raw nuts and you're as golden as the colour of ginger itself!

Try whizzing the following combination in your food processor and you'll end up with a flavor combination similar to that which you'd get from a gingerbread cookie, without the toxic gluten and processed sugar.


Dried, natural ginger (no sulphur dioxide or other additives), ground clove, cinnamon & nutmeg, a dollop of raw almond butter and some dried natural figs.   Play around with the quantities til you get your fave flavour combination, roll into small ball-shapes and then press flat to make a, well, cookie!

A great post-workout treat for athletes, and for those readers who aren't, you can still enjoy on occasion, just making sure to balance out the sweetness of the dried fruit with some healthy protein & veggies before hand so that  you needn't worry about a high glycemic load.