In food, that is! 


Eating extra virgin olive oil & avocado,   DownloadedFile
along with some coconut each day is a GOOD THING!  

This has to be one of the most difficult concepts for people to get their heads around.  We're in a culture that has been so brainwashed by all that awful low-fat hype of the early 1990's, that to this day, I get many inquiries from clients who are trying to lose weight, trying to be Paleo, but afraid of fat.  

Scared to eat any part of a chicken other than boneless/skinless breast and not comfortable eating anything but the leanest sirloin tip steak if they're going on a red- meat route.

I recently gave a paleo nutrition lecture during which one of the audience members, a retired, uber-distinguished judge who looked quite slim and fit, approached me afterwards and asked, "Do you really mean I can have a steak?  I haven't had steak in years!". When I asked why, his only reply was that he thought it was bad for him.  He went straight to the butcher on the way home and had himself a filet!

Remember, eating healthy fat is NOT what makes people fat, in and of itself.  Think about it.  Do you really surmise that the country's obesity problem occurred because people are eating too much olive oil with their broccoli, or an abundance of avocado with their salmon?

It's a combination of eating rancid, oxidized fat, ultra processed carbohydrates, next to no fresh fruit or veg., not moving and an overall sloth-like lifestyle that is the path to obesity and the antithesis of health.

So- go paleo, eat your good fat, enjoy it and be lean!