Introducing Paleo- Make It Fun

Wondering how to ‘break the news’ to your friends and family that you’re now Paleo and loving every second of it?

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable the first few times you dine out with friends, or host a dinner party, especially when the group of people you spend time with spends time in the oh-so-social activity of eating.

Eating is, after, far more than just ‘fueling the body’; if it weren’t, I doubt anyone would eat for any other reason that being hungry!

So does that mean you can no longer do a girls’ night over wine, cheese and baguettes, or meet the guys at the local bar for beer & hot wings?

Not exactly; you just need to rethink the approach, not ditch your friends and label them as ‘enablers’!

One of the easiest ways to introduce them to your new style of eating is to host a cooking party at your house.  Make it fun and geared toward all the delicious foods you can eat, rather than turning into a lecture touting the good of Paleo and scolding your friends who came over with a bagel and latte in hand.

Being inviting, not intimidating or off putting about it is the way to draw interest rather than repel!

Chances are, some friends will have some questions about the science behind it and in that case, explain away to your heart’s content.  

Just keep it light and fun, above and beyond anything else, and let those who are particularly interested in learning about your ‘secret’ that allowed you to lose weight/clear up your skin/have more energy etc., ask when they’re ready to do so!

To make it even easier, you can use my Hour in the Kitchen as per my book, Paleoista, as a guideline and show your guests how it’s not only delicious and simple, it’s also efficient to make a lot of healthy, clean Paleo food in a short period of time.

PS: no problem with making this occasion one of those suited for the special glass of wine!