Paleo Probiotics

The other day, I wrote about how it is, indeed, possible to procure probiotics from Paleo friendly sources.

While non Paleo options run rampant in stores- dairy or soy-based yogurts, kefir and small milk-shake like beverages loaded with sugars in addition to the good bacteria, they’re not the only options, fortunately.   Partaking in these choices may provide some probiotics, but they’re also filled with more than their fair share of negative side effects.

Remember, dairy, even grass-fed dairy, has a net acid-forming reaction in the body, causing us to leach calcium from our bones to help our body’s pH become alkaline.

Soy, being a legume, is also not an option, due to it’s anti nutrient content and subsequent negative effects it has on our gut and body through out.

I cam across a product, Ultimate Flora in my local homepathic pharmacy and it appeared, by the label, to be Paleo friendly. 

I wanted to double check before I blogged about it, and sure enough, when I reached out to their customer service, they replied in a very timely manner with the following response:

We provide products that are acceptable for most consumers to use, knowing that many have digestive challenges…Most are free from dairy, soy, gluten and we do not use in grain in any formula, except one, Triple Fiber Max, which uses oat bran...”

So, if you’re in need of a probiotic source to help in the process of healing the gut, balance out an antibiotics you may be taking or to aid in fighting off a cold bug, you can rest assured you needn’t rely on diet Yoplait or Bio-K drinks and end up having to take the bad with the good!