Pasta “Feeds” Are ALL TOO COMMON in the Endurance World

I received the following post in today's daily digest of the local triathlon club.

(One word:  Ick.)

"Wanted to remind you that we are hosting a free Pasta feed for the tri club members this Tuesday night  in Santa Monica. It has been a super busy season with races, tons of training and family activities. We figured since most of you are racing this Sunday this would be a perfect time to get together, slam some carbs, and share some race stories. We invite all athletes and their friends and families to come and enjoy some fantastic cookin' with the fixins' prepared by the local pizza place."
SO many things wrong with this post!
  • "Pasta FEED?"  Hmm…call me crazy, but that sounds like something four legged animals do.  Makes me think of a feeding trough for horses.
  • "SLAM SOME CARBS" – still the wrong approach.  EAT complex carbs, yes.  SLAM poor quality, ultra processed, refined carbs laden with gluten?  NO!
  • PIZZA?  Really?  So you want to be an athlete and train and race and then punish your body by inflicting not only wheat but cheese upon it?
Oh, dear.  Why not have a cigarette while you're at it?