Is It OK To Use Wasabi On My Sashimi?

You've gone 100% Paleo and have finally given up the nigiri sushi in favor or straight sashimi (I could live on raw fish- and kale, but that's another story..). 

You avoid dipping your lovely, raw fish in soy sauce (even if you don't follow The Paleo Diet, ruining such an exquisite piece of Toro by smothering it in soy is just..wrong.  To me, that's as offensive as deep frying a piece of filet mignon!  OK, enough tangents!)

How about Wasabi? Is it Paleo?

 Real wasabi is Japanese horseradish. A little horseradish now and then wouldn't be a big deal.   

The question is whether you're getting real horseradish, or a combination of Western horseradish, sauce, hot Chinese mustard and a little green food coloring!  If it's the latter, then, it's obviously going to be a no-go.   

Real wasabi is much harder to come by that the fake stuff. You're best bet is to simply ask the sushi chef and find out whether what you're getting is genuine or not.

If you're at a reputable sushi joint, the sashimi should be so fresh and delicate (depending on which fish you're eating), that it should well stand alone and not need anything added to enhance its flavor.

New to sashimi?  Ask for omakase- chef's choice- and get ready to try some of the best protein you've ever had!