Is Juicing Paleo?

Bananas, apples, carrots & beets… all Paleo friendly plants indeed, so would they constitute a good meal option then?  

If you’ve got a state of the art juicer in your kitch, I could see why you’d like to make the most of it.  Equally, if the cafe in your office building sells juices, it might seem like a great, easy and fast option for lunch rather than the General Tso’s Chicken your co-worker is shoveling down.

But is it really a good idea?

Generally speaking, no.  At least not as something you’d eat (or drink, rather) on its own.  

First of all, if you extract the juice from fruits and veg, you leave behind all the dietary fiber.  Second, you’re left with a very sugary beverage, particularly if you’re going for all fruit.

However, if you want to juice on occasion and keep it green, that would be a happy medium, as long as you are sure to eat plenty of fiber during the day and balance out that juice with some healthy fat and protein.

One such meal might be a kale juice along with a piece of raw wild salmon with avocado on top, or a fruitier juice if you’ve just finished a long endurance session along with some soft boiled eggs with coconut oil.

Just don’t make the mistake of drinking nothing but the juice and doing it all the time.