Top Ten Ways to Incorporate Bone Broths into Your Holiday Prep

I’m recalling fondly my typical Thanksgiving prep, such as last year, shown above, when we’ve got a houseful of guests coming… but just because we’re not having a large party it doesn’t mean we’re going to skip the whole thing!
So, who’s not cooking this week?
With many celebrations being not exactly what we’re used to given the pandemic, many are staying home and having smaller celebratory dinners with immediate family only, so odds are strong that even those who may not have tested their culinary holiday skills before will be doing so this year.
Below are ten easy ways to incorporate bone broth into your countdown to Thanksgiving:


  • Keep on top of your own nourishment during your prep the days before: simply heat, add a tablespoon of grass fed butter and blend, then top with a squeeze of Meyer lemon with chicken or lime and chili flakes for the beef shiitake. (I get so busy, there’s no time to stop and eat!)
  • Use it cold as a medium for a brine; add sage, thyme, clove and lemon with natural apple cider
  • Have it on hand to remedy too-dry stuffing
  • Whip it into your mashed potatoes for a creamier texture


  • Simmer it in a pan on the stove top instead of water as a tasty and simple way to prepare broccoli, cauliflower or asparagus side dishes
  • Use it to baste your turkey to add a flavor boost
  • Create a simple starter for your holiday meal by pouring a soupçon into a small bowl or ramekin and garnishing with rosemary
  • Add it to any pan drippings as turkey rests to make a more flavorful, thicker gravy


  • Use it as a starter for a leftover turkey soup
  • Incorporate it as a base to blend with yams remaining from your feast to create a lovely soup puree, garnished with sage

Granted, the holidays are going to be different this year, but that’s no reason to not have them.  It just means you’ll have more foods to enjoy in the days after the meal!