It’s So Simple. If You’re Not Moving, You Don’t Need Starch.

Let’s put the concept that legumes and grains alike both have anti nutrient properties and that neither are part of the Paleo diet on the back burner for a moment.

Beyond that, from a very simplistic point of view, if you’re not someone who is engaged in long endurance activity, not only do you simply do not need to ‘eat starch with every meal’, you don’t need to eat starch at all.  Further, if you’re someone who is not at their ideal, healthy weight, and you are not engaged in long endurance activity, you really don’t need to be eating starch.

(Incidentally, if you are a Paleo endurance athlete, you can completely fuel the tank with yam and sweet potato, so you still don’t need to eat the traditional grain-based products marketed toward us!!)

To be clear, I’m referring to the starch found in all legumes and beans that many of us grew up thinking were an important part of every meal, a great source of fiber and even vitamins, as more and more starchy products began to tout the claim that they were fortified.

There’s simply no reason why a bread roll, a dish of pasta or a cup of rice need to accompany any of your meals.

You’ll get eight times the fiber than you’d get eating whole grain products if you eat your veggies with every meal, not to mention a superior source of vitamins and minerals, compared to whatever processed vitamin source that may have been added to ‘fortify’ your bread.

Think about this irony- isn’t it odd that so many people are willing to eat or drink any number of ‘diet’ products marketed toward those looking to shed pounds without so much as batting an eyelash, many of which contain all sorts of artificial sugars, colors and flavors, and then change gears in the sense that they’re suddenly concerned about not getting enough fiber?

I’ve had many conversations with people who want to argue the merits of Paleo, and frankly, I’m not inclined to do so.  Yes, I believe strongly in what I teach, however, people will go Paleo when and if they’re ready.

Try it if you like, know that there is science behind it, if you’re interested, and think about why you might be willing to eat a ‘diet shake made from a  mix in a packet’ without thinking twice despite what harm some of those additives might be doing to your body, yet resistant to do something as simple as take an approach which suggests nothing more than ‘eat veggies, fruit, lean proteins and natural fat’.

Do this if you want to lose weight, and not only will you succeed, but you’ll do so in a healthy and sustainable manner without putting yourself at risk.  Remember Fen-Phen, anyone?

Generally speaking.. that’s the main idea- just eat real food!