Keep It Simple

You've heard the expression "Keep It Simple, Stupid", haven't you?

I'll omit the last word as I don't feel it's necessary to be condescending.


How about broiled salmon over steamed veggies?


I find that one of the most challenging parts of learning and implementing the Paleo diet for clients is that they read the book(s), get overwhelmed and almost panic, wondering how many grams of protein they need and whether tapioca is a suitable thickener.  (By the way, no, it's not…)

Don't over think it.  

Do keep it simple.

Start off with some basic menu ideas and stick with those for a few weeks.  Then, add a few different veggies, proteins, fruits and fats and spices.

Gradually, your familiarity with different paleo options, as well as your palate, continues to expand and you'll see for yourself how unlimited the Paleo possibilities really are.

For example, perhaps for your very first week, you'll opt for baked chicken, grilled salmon and seared filet mignon with steamed broccoli, sauteed spinach and wild Mesclun greens with fresh berries, apples and pears, along with some avocado, olive oil and coconut oil.

Not necessarily all together (although there's nothing wrong with doing a tapas-style dinner and having a little bit of everything), but over the course of the first week.

Of course, over time, you'll want to aim for far more diversity, but you need to optimize for success and I'm a big advocate of learning, setting goals, meeting them and then moving on to more challenging ones.

If you've never cooked before, please don't tell yourself you've got to make my version of Julia Child's Bœuf Bourguignon on day 1!  Rather, how about some simply baked turkey breast and steamed chard?

If you start each meal with some fresh veggies as the base, then add some lean, clean proteins, followed by a dollop of healthy fat, and a little fruit, you'll be golden!

Be patient, keep trying new combinations and don't limit yourself by the idea that 'this spice is ONLY for Indian cooking' or 'this veg ONLY goes with this preparation of halibut'.


Keep it fun.

Enjoy your (Paleo) food…. and reap all the benefits of eating what we're meant to be eating!