“Look Where You’re Going”

This post was inspired by a little snippet of an article in the Runner’s World Magazine in which they profile different runners that stand out. 

This time, it was 100-year old Indian-born Brit , Mr. Fauja Singh, who became the oldest person to finish a marathon- ever.

He shares how running has helped see him through tough times, including the loss of his son, back when he was 81 and how it’s also served as a vehicle for him to promote tolerance for Sikhs.  He adds on that he chooses whatever color turban he’s in the mood for on any given day.

One quote stood out for me, although I’m taking it a bit out of context.   He was asked what he does to prevent injuries and he replied, “I look where I’m going.”

That made me think of looking where we’re going, metaphorically speaking.  And that brings me full circle to Paleo.

If you look ahead and take charge of your health, your life and your well being with a preventative attitude, rather than wait until things start to go wrong and then try and fix what may inevitably then be broken, you truly will be looking where you’re going and proactively going forward with a big picture approach.

Why wait until you start feeling sick to your stomach every day (a lovely side effect of soy ingestion), your acne has flared up yet again (thank you, gluten) or you sound like a sick old man hacking away at all the phlegm that resulted after you drank that cup of dairy milk?

You choose whether you want to wean yourself off of the dietary culprits one by one, or omit them all full stop; in either case, you’ll be doing your body and your health a huge favor.

Over the course of subsequent days, weeks, months and years, your body will have the chance to start to thrive and, by continuing to look ahead, no doubt your momentum will continue to grow, the more you stay true to Paleo.

Combine that with whatever or whomever you can find to be your inspiration to move (in case the example of Mr. Singh didn’t do it for you) and you’re in the perfect position.

When should you start?

How about now?