Love Bread? Then You’ll Love This.

This was the subject line on a recent email I received from a rather well-known ‘healthy eating/living’ online journal.

Have this yummy quick bread with a side of low-fat Greek yogurt and you’ll get the carbs and protein you need to fuel exercise and recovery.“, stated the description of the recipe I saw once I clicked on the link and learned how to whip up a batch of  Banana Raspberry Bread. 

Vegetable-oil cooking spray, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt and milk make up the most of the composition; the fact that it contains one egg and some banana are the only reason I’d keep from calling it completely appalling…

Look- it’s just a cake recipe.  Call it what it is and there’s no issue.  No one bakes a chocolate cake with the goal being to make a healthy snack, do they?  (Maybe I shouldn’t even go there…).

Does the fact that the recipe is authored my an RD make it healthy?

I think not.

When are we going to stop this nonsense?   Even if you’re not Paleo, or not following any type of eating regime, is anyone really thinking flour plus sugar plus salt equals a good idea?

Reminds me of a high school friend I had who was convinced smoking menthol cigarettes to help clear out clogged sinuses was smart.

If you want to eat cake, it’s your choice.  But don’t pretend it’s healthy.