Making (Grocery) Shopping Fun

I felt I had to add the little “(Grocery)” bit to the title, in order to not trick anyone with the nature of this post.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a trip to my favorite store for a new pair of heels or a dress, but let me get back on track to where this is going:  straight to the grocery store.

Whether you shop at the local farmer’s market twice per week, make a single trip to the chain grocery store in your neighborhood or visit the healthy store for smaller shopping stints, the outcome is all the same:  you’re making the time for a very important step in ensuring that you’re setting yourself up for success on Paleo living.

If shopping is new to you, or something that sounds like a horrible chore, not too different from cleaning the toilet, then this post is for you.

My goal is to attempt to get you to rethink the act of procuring food, and then, preparing them once you get home.

First of all, since health must be a top priority in all of our lives, we have to set aside time to get the food in the first place.  Even if you’re reading this and thinking you haven’t got a spare second all week long, trust me, there’s a way it can fit.  I’ve worked with many clients, from busy execs to moms with three kids with ridiculously hectic schedules all find time to fit it int.

  • Plan.  Use cookbooks, cooking shows, your favorite foodie mags (or my recipes!) to choose what dishes you’d like to prep, balanced out with what is going to be seasonally available.  If you’ve got little ones, have them help, too; the more involved they are at an early age, the better!  Imagine if the kids were actually interested in helping you at the store rather than having a tantrum while you’re trying not to pull your hair out.
  • Prepare.  Yes, prepare to go shopping!  Don’t go when you’re hungry and don’t go when you have a total of thirty minutes to park, shop, pack your bags and be back for your next meeting.  If you don’t have the added pressure of time, you’ll be more relaxed at the store and more likely to enjoy the experience, rather than feel rushed and stressed out.
  • Proceed…right to preparation, that is.   If you can go right from unpacking the groceries into your Hour in the Kitchen (read more in Paleoista!) you’ll truly be completely set to have all the lovely foods you’ve just bought ready to go in a very short period of time.

All of this, the shopping and the prepping, can be done in a very short period of time.   If you’re close to the farmer’s market or grocery store and don’t need to spend too much time driving, you can absolutely execute this scenario in sub 2:00.If you 

If you can allocate two windows of time per week to do this, you, and the entire family will benefit.  Don’t go it alone, either!  While I’m not pretending it will automatically be the case that the whole family will be chomping at the bit to help at first, give them the opportunity to do so, and don’t be surprised if your seven year old volunteers to chose a recipe or your spouse offers to pick up the groceries on the way home from the office.

I’ve seen stranger things; and this is not at all uncommon.

Now, get thee to the market!