Marketing, Advertising, Blood Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates

One needn’t have any training in marketing or advertising to understand one often seen common goal- to sell something.

So, think about this- you’re a big company with lots of product to sell.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way you could do something to make your customers automatically buy more product?  Make them want it so much they feel they just have to have it otherwise they won’t feel right?  Make it seem like it’s something they really need and even convince them it’s good for them?

Ah!   What a concept.

How about this- a group of food-products that people can eat first thing in the morning to raise their blood sugar, which would cause a subsequent crash, which would then make them want, and buy, more product!

There could even be different sub categories- some could be just for kids (add more sugar, some dye and some cartoons on the box), another group could be for those trying to lose weight (add fake sugar and make them think the 1990’s low fat/low calorie approach is a good idea) and yet another for those wanting something ‘comforting’ (here, why not play on making them feel ‘it’s ok to give in and eat absolute junk once in a while, if you’re seeking solace, and on that same tip, maybe a reminder to accept themselves the way they are, even if they weigh 400 pounds?)

This could work wonders.  People would naturally eat more and more of these products, stretching their stomach receptors which would further increase their demand to need more volume of said product.

The health care industry could come on board, too, and help broadcast the message that everyone should eat these foods.  And students working on degrees in the health field could be instructed under these guidelines to make sure future generations would continue to partake.

The pharmaceutical industry could help, too, and let everyone know that once they get sick, and they will get sick, there would be no need to stop eating any of these products because their pills will help offset their symptoms by placing bandaids on top.  Then, both industries can really bolster one another’s profits!

What a perfect synergy!

Why not begin tomorrow?   

Start the day with a breakfast made purely of refined carbohydrates  (yes, I’m putting every grain product in this category, from instant oats to Froot Loops and from bagels to corn flakes) and before you know it you’ll be on your way to weight gain, blood sugar issues and maybe even diabetes, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, headaches, GI issues and maybe even some joint pain and acne!

Alas, I wish this were nothing but a silly joke; a figment of my imagination, but in actuality, it’s what’s going on every single morning in millions of people’s homes. 

Wish we could wake everyone up.

We’ve got to keep on keepin’ on! Go Paleo, please! For your own good, as well as that of your family and future generations to come.  

Must, must be realistic and see where this is going…