Medicated Creams for Skin Conditions? Let’s Address the Cause, not the Symptom!

“Don’t just treat the symptom – treat the cause.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. I did find it funny, however, that it was the opening sentence on a website I checked out after seeing an ad that made me feel I just had to write a blog about it. “Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion is perfect for targeting those itchy bumps on the back of the upper arms”, according to the commercial. Why not figure out why there are itchy bumps on the back of the arms in the first place? Certainly, this is not something specific to just this brand;  we’ve been trying to treat skin issues by putting lotions, creams and ointments on them for quite some time now. And they may help, but not looking into why there’s a rash or hives or an outbreak of some sort as well, is just doing yourself a disservice. What we can see on the outside- our skin, the whites of our eyes, the texture of our hair and nails, for example, all reflect what’s going on internally. Foods like nuts, gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and peanuts, are a few common allergens that can make, and keep the body inflamed and once the inside of our bodies are angry, it’s hard for the outside not to be, too. One of the great facets of following a True Paleo regime is its focus on anti inflammatory foods, like Omega 3s from wild fish, antioxidants from eating loads of fresh produce and a net overall low-acid balance thanks to the alkaline nature of this approach. Better yet, for anyone who does have skin issues, they’ll start seeing results soon; far more quickly than those who are faced with the challenges of auto immune issues. Give it a try, and see if your skin doesn’t look better in a short period time so much so that you don’t even need to think about applying a medicated cream! Need help? You can always refer to my 6 wk plan for better skin! Start with the basics, remove the sugar (all sugar- even from fruit), the dairy and the gluten.  Even if you’re not totally sold on Paleo, at least adding this first step will steer you in the right direction!