Megan Fox and Clear Skin-Thanks to Paleo? Or Avon?

One has to wonder.
The actress Megan Fox is one of the few celebs who seems to have been associated with the Paleo diet for quite some time now.
Yesterday, I came across an article announcing she’d be the new face of Avon’s latest skin care line, Instinct.
I have no idea whether or not she’s Paleo nor do I know what her skin looked like before or after using the Avon products, but I do know one thing:
Paleo, real, unadulterated Paleo, can absolutely provide clear skin for  many different types of issues- from rosacea to acne to eczema.
Alas, I’m quite certain that Avon has more funding in hand to pay for the promotion of their products than anyone in the Paleosphere.
Not complaining; that’s simply the way things work…just pointing out, though, that if you are suffering from any skin conditions and are sick of nothing working, give Paleo a try.
By eating real, alkaline, anti inflammatory foods, you can allow your body to calm down on the inside, stop producing excess testosterone and subsequently more oil, and then begin to heal.
Not treating your skin from the inside out is about the best example of putting on a band aid I can think of!
Further, the nice thing about going Paleo for skin conditions is that you’ll start seeing results far more quickly compared to those who have to be more patient in seeing relief from conditions such as auto immune disease.
Give it a try!  There’s nothing to lose except a medicine cabinet full of accutane, tetracycline and do-it-yourself peels!