Muscle Milk Contains No Milk, Per the Packaging

I try to keep up with the various sports nutrition products that come up in the market, both so that I can discuss them with clients and also for my own knowledge of what the latest trends are. The Muscle Milk brand has been around for a while, certainly, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I picked up a bottle in the grocery store after I saw something rather interesting on the packaging. A line, underneath the product name that stated “Contains No Milk”. But…it’s called Muscle Milk? Far from Paleo in any sense of the word, but the reason it caught my attention is that it illustrates the disparity between what we can call items we sell as food and how their name really doesn’t mean anything. Further, the take away from this is that the next time you see a loaf of bread marked ‘Paleo’ or an energy bar with the same classification, be confident that the chances of it really being suitable to True Paleo are slim to none. Unless it’s a bunch of kale or a raw pastured chicken… in which case there would be no label anyway! Think ‘unspoken’ (or perhaps I should write ‘unwritten’!) Paleo!