My Favorite Spices

I’m often asked about making smoothies.  

Wondering how can we prevent ending up with a plain, boring flavorless concoction if we’re not sweetening our homemade versions with anything?

Spice it up!

Any and all dried spices (so long as it’s just the spice and nothing funny added) are fair game for your Paleoista regime.

In addition to the taste profile they contribute, they all offer health benefits to boot.

Three of my faves are pictured above and I use them each time I prepare a liquid Paleo meal to go or for a pre or post workout drink.

Turmeric for its natural anti-inflammatory compounds, ginger to aid in digestion and cinnamon as a source of  fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese as well as its ability to help comfort sore muscles.

Plus, they all taste great!

Sprinkle some on your next smoothie and check out my site for some recipe ideas.