Olives- A Marinade with Citrus & Mango

What a great food to pass around as an hors d'oeuvres or a starter that requires little to no prep!

While providing a great source of healthy fat, the wide variety of olives available offers many different tastes and textures to choose from. One needn't be put off by those olives which are canned in brine or heavily salted in a jar; there are many other options to purchase olives that are low in sodium and Paleo- friendly.

Here's an easy recipe to dress them up, just a touch:

Peel an orange and scrape off the pith; then cut very thin slices in the bright orange skin to use as a garnish.

Squeeze a bit of juice from the orange and combine with fresh garlic and some nice, green, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.  

Toss with the olives and then arrange a few slices of mango tastefully around the perimeter of several small serving dishes.

Pass around as your guests arrive, allowing a nibble or two, larger than an Amuse Bouche, but not too much to fill anyone up too early!