(Paleo) Dads In The Kitchen!


I couldn't pass up this cartoon, (vaguely reminiscent of 'man evolving, while drinking coffee all the while…)which I came across in the NY Times last month, in an article about the "Culinary Adventures of Fathers Who Cook for Their Families" ( MAN WITH A PAN, by John Donahue).

NO- this is NOT a book about how to follow the Paleo lifestyle, rather, it's a collection of essays by what the author coins 'kitchen dads', men who do most of the cooking in their families.

So what's the relevance?  

If this is your life, your family, your living situation, why not take it upon yourself to prep Paleo meals for yourself & your fam.?

Remember, Paleo does NOT HAVE to be cavie! It's good for mom/wife, kids, grandma and grandpa and the dogs & cats, too.

In other words, if you're a mammal, you'd benefit from eating PALEO!  It's really not that hard….