Paleo Dining in Whistler

Heading back home from our trip to Whistler, my husband and I  commented on how many lovely meals we’d had whilst in BC.    It was incredibly easy to order everything in Paleo standards, with the fresh fish, the game and the bounty of local produce.   Every restaurant we visited was more than accommodating with preparing our food sans gluten, dairy, soy and all the other usual culprits.

From the grilled chicken, avocado, poached egg and mixed green salad we enjoyed at Araxi, to the Venison tenderloin (with veg in lieu of the foie gras, porcini gnocchi, cognac and red wine demi glace) at Rim Rock Cafe, the porterhouse (don’t forget to tell them not to use butter in cooking!) for two with steamed spinach, asparagus and broccoli, at Hy’s Steakhouse, the Mile One Greens Salad (hold the potato) with chicken at Mile One Eating House in Pemberton and the sauteed garlic broccoli and spinach with poached egg and avocado for breakfast at the Fairmont, we didn’t have a single bad meal over the course of the whole trip.  

(Not counting, of course, the meal we scrapped together at the airport, but then, it’s always a shot in the dark to make it work there; often it’s a doctored ice berg lettuce salad, an apple and some plain chicken.  Boring, but still far better than the alternatives!)

Friendly to athletes and friendly to those of us who are Paleo, Whistler was a welcoming place to visit.   (My only complaint is the temp.  I’m more of a hot weather kinda gal… but that’s just me being fussy! )