Paleo Goes Caribbean

I don’t often do a ‘restaurant review’ per se, but this time, I’ve got to make an exception.  

Recently, my husband had a great idea.   While we love dining at upscale restaurants, he thought it would be a good challenge to do a weekly date night at place where we have to spend under X dollars at a hole in the wall type place while staying Paleo. He coined it ‘cheap and cheerful chewsdays’ (as in Tuesday).

I loved it ! What a fun idea, and a way to show clients and blog readers once again that Paleo does not need to be pricey!

Last night, was one of the best so far.  

We went to a local place called Cha Cha Chicken.   This was one of those places that was very good, very authentic (Caribbean) and very affordable.  The best part, however, was that the friendly woman at the cash register had allergies to gluten, soy and dairy, so was able to recommend a perfectly Paleo meal for us, without the slightest hint of confusion.

We both opted for their signature chicken along with raw grated cabbage and a simple side salad.

Loved it!

Paleo Caribbean worked out brilliantly!