Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Select Your Special Occasions and Plan Accordingly

Today is National Brownie Day. These days, you can find all sorts of brownies, even in the store.  Gluten-free brownies. Vegan brownies and now..  Paleo brownies? You may have noticed I’ve been blogging about treats more than usual over the past week. This is due, in part, to the fact that for many, temptations abound during the holidays and my goal is to provide some strategies to maneuver your way through, without feeling deprived or like you’re on a ‘diet’. I talk about grey areas a lot, and also about the preponderance of skewed info about what Paleo is, and what it isn’t.   Paleo brownies every day, along with a breakfast of Paleo waffles, a lunch of Paleo nut-flour noodles and so on, isn’t the idea. What I’ve always suggested has been to select your special occasions and choose which are going to be suitable for having that special treat. Just because today is National Brownie Day, when “brownie lovers across the nation celebrate”,  according to the website, it may not be the best reason to partake. Wouldn’t it make more sense to stick with your normal regime today, and perhaps allocate the weekend when you’re home with the family around a crackling fire to enjoy a homemade coconut milk, cacao ‘haut chocolate’? Just a little planning is all it takes to stay balanced and still enjoy all the festivities!