(Paleo) “Hummus”?

As the main ingredient in hummus is garbanzo beans/chick peas, this dip is not typically something that would be part of The Paleo Diet, as we avoid eating legumes.

However, as with many other recipes, we can easily create something quite similar, without the negative consequences we'd face if we ingest the lectins found in beans.

I must state up front, as I'm sure there are readers who will be opposed to the idea of calling something without garbanzos 'hummus', that this is simply one version, which I've prepared for those of us following The Paleo Diet and is certainly not intended to change the historical origins of this food.

*This recipe would not be indicated for anyone following the Auto Immune Version of the Paleo Diet, as night shade veg, in this case, would be avoided.  If this is your situation, try experimenting with pureed roasted, peeled sunchokes, or even carrots, in lieu of the eggplant!

-Wash, then halve an eggplant.

-Slice into 1/2" thick slices, lengthwise and brush with olive oil.

-Broil on a wire rack, turning every few minutes, until the flesh is soft.

-Remove from oven, let sit until cool enough to handle, then remove and discard peel.

-Whiz in food processor with fresh lemon juice, fresh raw (or roasted) garlic, a splash of flax seed oil, a dash of roasted sesame oil, a handful of toasted walnuts and some fresh parsley.

-Serve as a dip for fresh veg, a topping for bison or turkey burgers, or add some chicken broth and turn it into a pureed soup!