Paleo in New York: Williamsburg

As much time as I’ve spent in NYC, I have to admit how unfamiliar with Williamsburg I am.

Aside from running through Brooklyn as part of the NYC Marathon course (during which time, I hardly had a chance to check out all the Paleo friendly places), I’d only been there once or twice…ever!

This time, we made a point to spend some time there and it was well worth it.

I’m obviously far from an expert on the area, so I welcome anyone who is to chime in and comment!   

One of the coolest things, I found, was the Williamsburg mean of artisanal craftsmanship.  From wineries, to chocolate shops, to cafes and farm to table restaurants focused on sustainable, local agriculture and meats, it truly brings home what I feel is really the way we’re meant to be living…and eating, which happens to be Paleo.

You’ve got your choice of BBQ joints, casual cafes and more upscale places to choose from, and the ones we popped into were so accommodating and didn’t think twice before giving the ok to swap out pasta for a side of veg, or assure us everything was grain and soy-free.

Be sure to make it a point to check out this fantastic place next time you’re in New York.  You’ll be glad to have tried something new!