Paleo in the Spotlight

It’s nothing new to see mention of another actor, athlete or artist touting the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle they’ve adapted, whether for purposes of getting ready for a role, or improving their health. But is this a good thing or does it feed into the idea that Paleo is nothing more than the latest trend? Let’s look at it this way.  If we think about it from the standpoint that there is ‘no such thing as bad PR’, it could potentially bring awareness to a Paleo approach.  In particular, if we’re considering people in the public eye who have reaped tremendous health improvements after cutting grains, dairy and legumes, like Jack Osborne, who reports to have adopted the Paleo principles to his life in order to address his MS. Similarly, I’ve found with my own clients than when Paleo is followed for health reasons compared to strictly weight loss efforts, it tends to be done so on a more diligent manner as people begin to put two and two together and identify that ‘when I eat this food, I do not feel well, therefore I will not eat it’ compared to when that connection is not made. Now what about the case in which a celebrity is reported to adhere to Paleo to prepare for a role, to shed baby weight or simply to create a lean physique? Given the fact that we as a society often tend to follow what celebs do, even when what they’re doing is far from healthy, it seems that even a skewed version of Paleo is likely healthier than some of the other approaches I’ve seen in the media, ranging from near starvation to strange food combining or taking a plethora of supplements. And, maybe this is me living in fantasy land, but it’s also a possibility that the public might learn about Paleo this way and do their own work to educate themselves on what it really is… and begin to get a bit healthier. Paleo in the spotlight?  Bring it on!