Paleo Isn’t Just for Cross Fit

Paleo…that’s for Cross Fitters, isn’t it?”, I was asked the other day at a party.   Sure, it’s for Cross Fit, but it’s also for anyone who is…human. So interesting to watch the trends develop as the Paleo movement grows. And while it’s fantastic that Cross Fit has done a tremendous job at promoting Paleo, as with anything that grows with rapid movement, the permutations also grow. I’ve visited Cross Fit boxes which are so in tuned with what Paleo really is, how to execute it properly, fuel post recovery and balance out the occasional special treat.   But I’ve also visited some which are hyping up the copious servings of bacon and grass fed dairy angle. From one viewpoint, making strides to get closer to Paleo, even a slightly-less Paleo version that includes some foods that aren’t necessarily the best choices, might be seen as better than what a typical eating approach might be. The caveat, though, is not letting too many of the Faux Paleo foods, dishes and habits tip the scales away from a focus on local, fresh veg with wild proteins and healthy fats. What have you seen at your Cross Fit facilities?  I’d be curious to learn about trends across the board and do another post based on reader replies. Post here, post on facebook or send me an email! Get your workout on!