Paleo Mistake # 5- Getting the Timing or Balance Wrong

No, I am not about to suggest something along the lines of some of those crazy diets out there that profess that you should ‘not eat carbs after noon…ever’ or ‘only eat fruit on an empty stomach’.

I’m referring to paying attention to the glycemic load of a meal.

We don’t need to over think it, so don’t worry that you’ve got to memorize the entire glycemic index chart; rather, just be aware of which Paleo foods are more (naturally) sweet and which help to balance it out.

Not really rocket science!

For example, while a banana after a run is a perfectly Paleo choice, and well indicated in that situation, it would not be a great idea to eat three bananas as a snack while you’re sitting at your desk at work!

On the flip side, a meal consisting of wild mixed greens, fresh berries, raw salmon and some avocado would be a great idea.   In this example, we see a good representation of natural, complex carbohydrates, rich protein and unrefined fats.  The perfect balance!

Make all your meals, with the exception of those you eat before or after exercise, fit this bill, and eat regular, small meals throughout the day, and your blood sugar will remain stable, you’ll stead energy and you’ll be far less likely to crash, burn and head to the coffee shop for a milkshake and a piece of cake!

Keep it simple, use your Paleo common sense and get ready to succeed!