Paleoista Holiday Tip #31: Make the Best of the Last Week of the Year

With a mere six days left of 2012, many people are likely in the mindset that their health and fitness goals can be put off one more week.  

As if suddenly, on January 1st, it will somehow magically be easy to stick to your goals, eat properly and get moving and all the things that presented themselves as hurdles will evaporate.

Rather than just avoid thinking about it and eat like it’s going out of style for the next week, why not at least begin to take a good, hard look at what you’ve tried to achieve in the past in terms of wellness goals, and assess what kept you from doing so?

Often, it’s a combination of a feeling of needing to almost repent for days/weeks/months of slovenly eating and a sloth-like lifestyle and a desire to what results immediately along with zero patience for yourself.

Take a big breath and rewrite that mission!

If you had previously tried to lose fifty pounds in two weeks or wanted to prepare for a marathon in one month after only ever having run six miles, think about how unreasonable you’re being to yourself.

Recreate your goals into something feasible and set up small, non food rewards for yourself along the way.  Aim for small but continuously steady gains, which are the type that will make lasting habits, and head into 2013 with a refreshed, healthy state of mind, instead of waking up January 1 with the feeling you need a punishment!