Eggs Are Not Dairy Products, and Yes, They Are Paleo

I am always surprised when people ask about the Paleo diet, and are then surprised when I tell them that I do, in fact, eat eggs and that they are, in fact, Paleo.

I have definitely heard of people classifying them as one in the same, though.  “Eggs and Dairy” as though they go hand in hand and are somehow related?

I did a quick online search and, according to Wikipedia, apparently just because eggs are an animal byproduct, just like milk, many people catagorize eggs as dairy.  I giggled a little about the comment there which stated that eggs are only dairy if they’ve been laid by a cow!

If you think about it for just a second, you’ll realize that eggs actually don’t come from cows, so, no, they’re not actually a dairy product. Yes, they are often placed next to dairy in the grocery store, but that doesn’t make them related products anymore than orange juice is related to milk because it, too, is next door in the refrigerated section at the store.

So, enjoy your eggs each week, preferably fresh, from local hens who are allowed to roam about and eat real food (not soy and corn pellets), knowing that you’re not remotely deviating from Paleo by doing so.

Unless, of course, you did get your eggs from an egg-laying cow!