Pizza… And Cookies? Seriously?

I don't believe it.  As if frozen pizza or toll house cookies weren't awful enough on their own, now they're available in the very same box, so you can defrost/ reheat both at the same time and enjoy together.

Wow.  Once again I am completely speechless.

I saw an ad for this yesterday, then googled it and came across the following article, which puts it quite succinctly:


DiGiorno’s Pizza and Cookies Combo is Watershed Moment in American Obesity

DiGiorno is rolling out a new combo box that includes both frozen pizza and a batch of Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough. While you heat up your pizza, why not also make a side of cookies? The only thing this is missing is a side of lard dipping sauce. Yes, you would dip both products in it.

The company is also launching a Three Meat Pizza and Boneless Wyngz box, which somehow seems less offensive. Though, it should be noted that those are “Wyngz” with an asterisk as they are technically defined on the box as “white meat chicken fritters.”

How did the cookies get in the box in the first place? Nestle owns Toll House and bought DiGiorno from Kraft recently. Your coronary embolism is their corporate synergy.


It's as though consumers are just throwing their hands up in the air and showing how little they care about their bodies, shrugging their shoulders and shoveling in thousands of calories of pure, 100 % NON FOOD.

How on earth can anyone, aside from Nestle, who is sure to make a killing (both literally and figuratively) on this think this is remotely a good idea!

This, on top of last week's blog about the motion to 'keep chocolate milk in the schools' is beyond appalling.

We've GOT to work collectively to teach EVERYONE all about PALEO!!  Start with yourself and lead by example- PLEASE!