Refrigerator Surprise: “Curry Chicken on Spinach Salad”

I do pride myself in doing a great job in allocating exactly how much of any given food I need when I'm doing my grocery shopping.  I time it such that when it's time to do the shopping the following week, I'm literally down to nearly nothing, and nothing goes to waste.

Sometimes, however, I do have an odd bit of this or that leftover.  A cup of broth, a few cloves of garlic, one chicken breast…. you get the idea.  

If this happens to you, be resourceful and use it as an opportunity to be ultra creative!

Here's what I threw together yesterday for lunch:



I minced the rest of the garlic I had leftover, combined it with some walnut oil that had come with a to-go salad earlier in the week, added some turmeric, cumin and cayenne and made a quick marinade for the chicken breast.  A quick broil, for about 25 minutes was all that was needed.  In the interim, I made a salad of the last of my spinach, one sole carrot, a handful of berries, a few walnuts and some red onion.

Easy, delicious, perfectly paleo, and… I left my fridge empty to allow plenty of room for the grocery store shop I did next!