Sautéed Garlicky Spigarello

Wondering what Spigarello is?  I was, too!

Just goes to show that all of us can keep learning a thing or two by following the age-old advice of trying something new each week at the farmer’s market!

This leafy green which I learned about only a few weeks ago is native to southern Italy, but its seeds have recently been imported to Southern California, and like all things green in SoCal, it has become quite trendy.

Spigarello is long-stemmed with curled green leaves;  the flavor mild, grassy and sweet, without the characteristic bitterness of many of its cruciferous cousins.

The greens can be used in a similar way to kale, so if you get your hands on this hot new variety, toss it in salads, soups and sautees (1).

Get your green on with my easy to follow recipe!