Simple Needn’t Equal Boring

Especially for those of you who are new to Paleo!
Often, starting on your Paleo journey with a simple plan is more doable than going from never shopping for food or cooking to expecting to make your debut as head chef in your own kitchen in a mere couple of days.

Yes, the more variety the better in one’s diet, and Paleo has that to offer without a doubt, but it may simply be a better approach to begin week number one with a goal of perhaps three or four proteins, three to four different fruit options and five to six choices for veg.   It’s easy enough to keep all the good fats, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado, on hand from the get go.

Follow my guideline of ‘one day’s dinner is the next day’s lunch’ as well as two, one-hour sessions of easy food prep time in the kitchen, in order to save on prep time.  (For more on that, you’ll have to buy my book- and its release date is just around the corner- May 1st!).

As you get more comfortable preparing and combining your Paleo foods in the proper Paleo Macro nutrient ratio, you can then add one or two new foods each week so as to keep the variety coming in without overwhelming yourself.

Small goals designed to set you up for success is the only way to go!