Skinny Summer Secrets

Looking for the secret to get skinny in no time flat before summer arrives? All you have to do is…

OK, I fibbed a little in an attempt to pique your interest.

There really is no quick fix, or one that will work permanently, effectively and safely, that is!

Kind of strange, though, to think how many of us are still searching for one. So much so that we’ve reached a point where the most common sense approach to eating (hello, Paleo), which simply suggests eating things you can pick and eat as-is or hunt and eat as-is, has become so far from how people are eating in ‘modern times’ that it seems like an strange or even radical approach.

And somehow, eating things in wrappers, cans and boxes seems normal. It follows suit, then, that those who are looking for the elusive ‘get skinny for summer’ diet, or pill or magic potion, think nothing strange about sticking, of course, with wrappers, cans and boxes, but, of course, using their ‘fat free’ or ‘low carb’ version.

A ‘carb-free’ energy bar with a ingredient panel, listing things you cannot identify as food but rather appear to be a synthetic compound, yet claiming to only have 120 calories and two grams of fat? Sure, let’s eat that!

Or a ‘diet-shake-in-a-can’ that you got as part of your medically supervised weight loss plan from your doctor who happens to smoke and is also overweight? Great- throw some of that down the hatch, too!

But fresh vegetables and broiled salmon with avocado? Oh, no, that won’t do. That would be too time consuming. You’d have to actually go to the market and spend fifteen minutes preparing that sort of meal. Far easier to just order a month’s worth of ‘food’ (I cringe to use this word to describe the items I listed above), which will last for several years in your pantry and will require no time to prepare. Just ‘tear open and eat’, right?

Pardon me, but the only thing I want to tear open and eat is a banana. Or maybe I’ll tear into a rare piece of grass fed carpaccio, but not into a plastic wrapper.


Think about this….really think about this. It is not rocket science.

If you’re not at the healthy, lean body weight you should be at, then how did you get there? It’s very, very unlikely that your trip to overweight-ness and ill health was fueled by kale, avocado and salmon.

Does it not make sense to make a change that will not only allow you to reach a healthy bodyweight that you can continue to implement for the rest of your life?

If you agree with that, then how does it make sense to use an approach based on subsisting on bars, powders and mixes? Are you really going to ingest those things for the rest of your life?

It’s June 1st. Summer is less than three weeks away and here’s the cold, hard truth: if you’re significantly overweight, no, you’re not going to get skinny in time for summer…this year.

But is that a reason to say ‘the heck with it’ and keep piling on the junk? In reality, the junk does include even the lower calorie versions of non food. They are still things we are not meant to be eating!

Even if you began your day today with a far less than ideal meal, if you stop eating non food at your next meal, your body will thank you for that. Keep on doing it for the next one and the next and do the same on day two. In three weeks time, when summer solstice rolls around, you could be X pounds lighter, and the more you keep at it, the more your positive momentum will build.

So yes, then, you will be skinny in time for summer. It might be next summer or the one after that, depending on where you’re starting, but the point is, you need to take control of it now and choose the healthiest route to your ‘skinny self’, despite how long it may take. You want it to last, don’t you?