Snacks After Practice

Yesterday I hit the local track for a speed set in the late morning.  I knew there would be kids playing pee wee football in the middle, but I wasn’t sure of the timing of when they’d be playing, taking a break or finishing up.

Apparently, I got there just as they were wrapping up, which was nice in the sense that I didn’t have to worry about being hit by a flying missile in the form of a ball, but also a bit eye opening in terms of the glimpse into what they’re eating after their practice and games.

I saw one small herd of children running to the sidelines to partake of what their moms had brought:  an array of several types of cookies, apple juice and orange juice and bagels with jelly.  They tore into the cookies first, like there was no tomorrow and shortly thereafter began running laps while screaming with their mouths full,  hands grasping onto more cookies to eat after they were done with the current round.

Can you say sugar high?


What’s going to happen when they come down?

And… ever heard of an apple, some water and some sliced turkey?

Type II Diabetes, here we come!