Stew It Up!

A client commented to me today that when the dreary weather hits- not unlike what we're getting today in LA- she just wants to curl up with a bowl of pasta, or ice cream or the ubiquitous mocha.

Where does that lead?

Blood sugar spikes and dips, weight gain, acne and low energy levels are only a few results of eating those snacks!

Instead- opt for something else quite suitable for cold weather- a protein and veg stew or soup!

You make it up- choose your fave lean protein (I made a lovely braised pork tenderloin and carrot, celery, mushroom stew last night that we'll be eating tomorrow) and veggies and make it up as you go.  Make it ahead of time, as they're often even tastier the next day.

You'll get a nice balance of protein, healthy fat and unrefined complex carbs, which will lead to continued balance of blood sugar and keeping you on track with the #PaleoDiet and at your lean, healthy weight.

Pass on the ice-cream or pasta, and bring on the chicken stew!