Thanksgiving- Give Thanks…AND MOVE

What day could be more appropriate for giving thanks?

Perhaps you receive my blog as an RSS feed, a tweet or Facebook post, and you're reading this at 6AM PST as you awaken and are contemplating whether to get out of bed and go out for a run, when you could easily choose to sleep another hour.  

Or maybe, you're thinking that, since it's Thanksgiving, and you're planning an all-out gorging wheat festival later in the day,  you should choose to go out for a preparatory cardio session (in an attempt to expend 350 kcals when you'll consume upwards of thousands at one sitting during the big meal!).*Not a fan of this approach, incidentally!

On the flip side, you could be elated that you can choose to go outside, enjoy some fresh air, and a solo run, group hike, or a bike ride with your best friend.


Key word.

Choose to move and give thanks that you can.

Choose to eat a healthy, Paleo Thanksgiving today (click HERE if you still need some ideas!) and give thanks for that, too.    

Choose to share all the wonderful Paleo foods and recipes with your guests, even if they're not Paleo; what a wonderful gift that is!

Happy Thanksgiving!