Broccoli, Broccoli and…Broccoli

Along the same lines as the post I wrote the other day about cooking a bone-in, skin on turkey breast at home, then eating it over the course of the next couple days and freezing the reminder, the same principle can be applied to veggies.

Let’s take a familiar veggie that, at the very least, most people have heard of and/or eaten at some point (I know, I know, not everyone participates in the consumption of kale, romanesco and escarole on a regular basis, much to my dismay):  broccoli.

Step one, day one:  Wash, cut florets off, chop stems.   Save stems for next day; steam florets.  Eat some florets with some protein and some fat.

Step two, day two:  Steam steams until soft, place in food processor along with some of the steaming water, some fresh garlic, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of olive oil:  Voila- pureed broccoli soup.   Eat some soup with some protein.

Step three, day three:  Place remainder of soup  in food processor.  Add a handful of raw walnuts, some fresh basil and a roasted red bell pepper or two in order to create a dip perfect to go along with a tray of crudites.

The same veggies, three different preparations, and not the slightest hint of ‘eating leftovers’.

Use this approach with any protein and any veg and wait  until you see the number of permutations you come up with!   Who ever said leftovers had to be tired and boring?