Treats on the Weekends?

Are you mostly Paleo?  Do you find that you’re very strict from Monday – Friday and then once the weekend rolls around, you take the idea of ‘85% Paleo’ to the hilt?  As in thoughts such as ‘I’m going to eat X and Y because I’m going back on Paleo on Monday morning’?   Are pizzas, ice cream and beer your norm on a Saturday, while a Monday tends to include only boiled, boneless, skinless chicken breast and celery sticks?

If so, this may be precisely why you’re not quite reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself, whether it’s a weight loss goal, a performance goal or a simple but very important goal to simply feel great!

Not only that, but more importantly, this mentality is reminiscent of the ‘diet’ mentality which, for all intents and purposes, typically tends to be too strict and as a result, have an endpoint, after which people return to the way they used to eat, which led them to a state of sub par health in the first place.

If you’re executing the Paleo diet properly, there shouldn’t be cravings, a sense of feeling as though you’re on a punitive type of eating plan or that you’re being deprived in any way, shape or form.  You shouldn’t want to deviate. If you are feeling any of those negatives, then something’s off!

Learning which foods are Paleo and which are not is only the first step of the process.  

Equally as important is learning how to balance foods and how to time your meals.  When you should eat higher glycemic fruits (yes, there is a time and place for that for endurance athletes), when you should start your meals with a base of a nice portion of veggies (at almost all meals, let alone when you’re preparing for, or recovering from endurance training)  and how often you should eat are merely a few of the important tenets of Paleo living that you need to test, retest and retest again in order to ensure you are following the Paleo diet as it’s meant to be followed.  

Doing so will result in a steady energy level throughout the day, reduction or maybe even elimination of a gamut of maladies and illnesses and feeling great overall.

Need help?

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