Turkey Burgers – Lean and Easy to Make

I must clarify by stating that there's nothing wrong with eating lean beef burgers, or bison burgers, or many other options as far as what choice of meat you want to use.

This version is easy to make, easy to prepare extra and use (or freeze) during subsequent days on it's own, or used as part of other recipes (for example, you can crumble a turkey burger into an otherwise plain egg white omelet, add spinach and avocado, and create a more balanced breakfast meal!).

While many recipes for burgers call for using bread or breadcrumbs, I've found no problem at all using neither; a single egg and some olive oil help to bind the meat patty and they remain intact while cooking.

-Combine 1# ground turkey with one raw egg, some olive oil ( a Tablespoon or two), and add some minced onion, garlic and/or shallots. 

-Shape into patties and place on wire rack.

-Broil for five minutes, flip, and broil five minutes longer.

-Check for internal temp to reach 160F.  If it's not there yet, as many ovens differ, give it a few more minutes, flipping if necessary to keep it even, and check temp again.

-Remove from rack and let sit for a few minutes.

-Serve with Bibb Lettuce (in lieu of a bun) and some sauteed spinach with a fresh green salad.