Turkey Day Timeline, Plus A Special Gift For You!

You’ve prepped, you’ve planned and so now, you’re not panicking.

What a nice change from Thanksgivings past!

With just hours to go until the start of your holiday meal, you’ll want to take the time this morning to be sure all the “T”s are crossed, the “I”s are dotted and that nothing has been overlooked.

You’ll also want to make sure to not to overdo your tendency to multitask if that’s something you do; I recall one dinner I hosted during which I attempted to do too much at the same time, resulting in an oven hadn’t actually been preheated! (Ooops!)

  • Work backward from when the guests are arriving to figure out when to have everything ready. Most of the time, the turkey will go into the oven hours before anyone is due to arrive, depending, of course, on the sheer size of it as well as efficiency of your oven.   On the flip side, cold appetizers and hors d’oeuvres such as melon wrapped with prosciutto or figs stuffed with pecans should be taken out of the fridge and allowed to come to room temperature about 20 minutes before serving.   Serving food either too cold, or too hot for that matter, prevents the taste buds from fully enjoying all the flavors in a dish.
  • Write out a seating chart, if appropriate. It’s one thing if you’re hosting a small dinner for four to six, but for larger engagements, why not add a hint of spontaneity by introducing would-be strangers that have the love of music or who happen to work in a common field? Keep it fun and prevent the two cousins who are forever arguing from going at it during the holiday dinner.
  • Deck the halls….and the table and powder room. Whether it’s the cedar spiced candles, soap and lotion from Williams Sonoma or a homemade potpourri, if the first lovely aroma the guests are presented with upon arrival is one indicative of this festive time of year, they’ll automatically be in the mood for the season.
  • Get in a spin… or a run, walk or yoga. Don’t forget to factor in enough time for yourself to get your sweat as well as enough time to get yourself ready without being in a big rush. The more harried the host feels, the more the guests will sense it, so keep calm and share that vibe instead!
  • One more time: take five to breathe!

With the table set, the delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen, all the foods ready just at the precise time you’d planned, you’ve done everything you could to create an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving experience for your friends, family and colleagues.

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Happy Thanksgiving!