Veggies! NOT Rice, NOT Pasta, NOT Bread!

Think about it.

How often are rice, pasta and bread used as a mere vehicle with which to 'sop up' a tasty sauce that was ladeled over your pan seared halibut or the pan jus from a lovely piece of roasted chicken?

How often are those same sneaky culprits with their toxic side effects used to 'fill you up' so that when you eat an otherwise Paleo meal, you leave feeling that 'stuffed' feeling and seriously considering a nap, rather than feeling energized, nourished and light on your feet?

To top it all off, there are no redeeming qualities about any of those processed, pretend foods.  

Fiber?  Not so much; you'll get significantly more from eating fresh veggies and fruits.  

Vitamins and minerals?  Strike two- not only are those items, even those which are 'enriched' (and by the way, the fact that something needs to be 'enriched' in the first place should be a clue that something's off!) NOT a good source of vitamins and minerals, they block proper absorption of vitamins and minerals that you ARE getting from veg & fruit!

Solution?  Swap out the processed, refined starches for FRESH VEG!  Savor the curry from the Indian Chicken dish you prepared by serving it over a bed of spinach, instead of Basmati.   Enjoy the tang of the collard greens and lamb over wild Mesclun greens instead of Injera when you're going for Ethiopian.  How about marinara and grass fed beef meatballs over spaghetti SQUASH rather than pasta?

Think about what those grain-products really are.


The same stuff used to 'fatten up' animals inhumanely being raised on feedlots and factory farms.

Do YOU want to be 'fattened up'?  If so, then go ahead and keep eating bread, bagels & rice.

If you'd rather be healthy, fit and LEAN, then ditch the processed junk, get healthy and GO PALEO!