Walnut Butter

As long as I've been following The Paleo Diet, I've not missed peanut butter one iota, as I easily found I could substitute almond butter.

 Despite it's almost undetectable levels of Omega 3s (which are the GOOD, anti inflammatory fats), I am not too particularly concerned about eating it, as I am always sure to balance my fats out during other meals by eating flax seed oil and fish oil as well.

I'd seen and tasted both macadamia and cashew butters, neither of which were too appealing to my palate.

However, just yesterday I picked up some raw walnut butter at Whole Foods- and am loving it!  Walnuts, as far as nuts go, have the best Omega 3:6 ratio (although they still leave a LOT to be desired, they are, at least, far better than almonds in this regard).   

I've used it so far in my smoothies, which I so often mention, as a snack with some sliced turkey and raw spinach, and also spread on a nice big red apple.

Give it a try, give it to your kids, and please, if you're still eating peanut butter, or still feeding it to your kids, dump it!  

*Remember- a peanut is NOT a nut, it's a legume, full of anti nutrients & lectins, both of which are bad news for your overall health.  (GI permeability, leaky gut, auto immune condition exacerbation… OK, OK, I will end the diatribe here, but you get the idea!).

Try the walnut butter, and if it's not that appealing on it's own, you can always use 1/2 walnut butter and 1/2 almond butter in whatever you're eating! Enjoy!